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The Chempro NGC DASH

The Chempro NGC Dash was created to allow competitors in the Gold Coast Marathon, one last chance to race before entering a four week taper off period. Damian Leeding Park was selected due to the relatively easy loop course, beside one of the most picturesque park's on the Northern Gold Coast.

There were five main goals for staging The Chempro NGC Dash -


1. Affordable for everyone

2. Category for everyone with a 5 hour time limit to complete the half marathon

3. The event to include markets to keep spectators interested

4. Give competitors a scenic and relatively easy course to complete their training for the Gold Coast Airport Marathon
5. To honor the anniversary of the passing of local Queensland Police officer, Detective Senior Constable Damian Leeding.

This will not be your typical half marathon however. The concrete route is 3.9 kilometres long, so in order to complete each race, competitors will be running  laps of the circuit. In order to boost the length of each lap, the route will divert off the concrete path onto the grassed area beside the lake, thus making each lap 4.2klm in length.

Every competitor will have a timing chip inserted into their unique personalised racing bib, which you will design yourself. Your racing bib will become unique to you, and therefore a special memento for you to keep.

At the end of each completed lap, competitors will have the option to take a specially designed wristband to wear, so as to keep track of your completed laps.


For competitors competing in the 2km junior dash, your start line will be on the southern side of the lake, opposite the official start and finish line on the northern side of the lake.

Number of laps is as follows -

2km Junior Dash - half lap starting on the southern side of the lake
4km - 1 lap starting on the northern side of the lake
8km - 2 laps starting on the northern side of the lake
12km - 3 laps, northern side of the lake
21.1km - 5 laps starting on the the northern side of the lake

* Please note - All photographic images taken on the day will be used for Social Media purposes

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